Tuesday, February 15

I Will Not Let February Get to Me: Remember to Celebrate

Midway through February comes a little day of love, like a built-in day to take a breath and remember why we do this: love, intense and never-ending for these little people learning to become big people.  

I spent most of Sunday working on our taxes and when that was finished I decided, spur of the moment, to have a little family celebration.  It is our tradition to have two desserts on Valentine's Day.  So, I made a chocolate souffle to go with strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream.  B & S decorated the table while I made quick, simple valentines with chocolate candies on top for the boys.  Then I went and picked up heart-shaped pizzas.  

Love all of these boys.  

Yesterday, we went to our homeschool group's Valentine Party:  all the bowling and video games you can fit into two hours.  My boys have never had the opportunity to exchange valentines and they were thrilled to find their bags filled with little notes, candies, pencils and silly bandz.  It was so cute.  They also each picked out two pieces of candy to give to their older brother who wasn't at the party.

And that's all we did yesterday.  I didn't squeeze in anymore school work in after the party. I just let the day be the lighthearted day it was supposed to be... remembering sweet moments with my kiddos, enjoying how they are growing, appreciating their strengths.  Celebrating.

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