Thursday, February 10

I Will Not Let February Get to Me: Bite Sized Pieces

Where my boys ate lunch yesterday... crawling on the counter as if they're part cat.

Our Wednesday routine is this:  I take J to his school and then I go to my gym to workout.  Back at home dh begins B on his Math and one or two other things I've left out for him to get to.  S follows along with something he considers to be similar.  (Love that little brother HAS to imitate his big).  After I return, dh leaves for the day, I shower, eat and I start with B around 10:30.

Yesterday didn't happen like that.  The icy roads made traffic slow and I wasn't able to make my class in time. DH was flexible yesterday and suggested I try for the next class after I come home for a bit.  (Love that man.)  I went home for a few minutes, let B finish his breakfast and then did our read aloud time, in his jammies laying in the sunlight pouring in over our couch.  Bite Number One.

I gave him instructions for three things to work through and then I went to the gym.  When I returned B proudly announced that he had finished two if the items including all his math AND the math we didn't complete the day before "without complaining."  So proud... both of us.  Bite Number Two.

I determined that we'd have lunch and then get going on the rest of our stuff.  I didn't lie to myself.  We actually did it.  We chunked it up:  Water experiments, pond life food web activity and then I combined his grammar lesson with his daily writing... making  a list of adjectives that describe life in a pond.   My son was engaged and I was completely present.  Bite Number Three.

In the last few minutes before we needed to pick up J, I had B read to me.  Gathered on my big bed with my two sweet sons, knowing we had completed everything, I listened to my dyslexic son read  a chapter at his grade level (!) while his little brother took a quiet nap next to him. It was restful.  I didn't feel anxious listening to my slow reader because everything else was done and, frankly, I didn't want to be anywhere else.  Bite Number Four.

Me: 4
February: 3
Pulling ahead.

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