Tuesday, April 8

Homeschooling When You're Moving

I think you all know the answer to this one. How do you continue the studies when you're moving? Answer: You don't. This morning I had the kids wrap up a lapbook about plants and agriculture, practice their reading, and do their math and handwriting. That was it. After that I was all about changing the utilities, packing up the master bedroom and running errands.

So, the plan is to stop school for now and begin again next Wednesday. Taking a week off, especially a split week is great for all of us. We can do two short weeks at the front and back, and then get back in the full swing of things once we're out of all the boxes...and we find all the stuff.

But there does need to be a balance between what comes next and what is happening right now. When the kids don't have structure they get difficult. And I tend to zone in on packing so much that I ignore them and their squabbles, which are really cries for attention. So, as I'm packing this time I will figure out what I need to get done and then give them times when I will stop and do something with them: play cards, read aloud from our latest book and take a walk if the weather is good. They appreciate knowing they won't be bored all day as they watch their toy supply disappear and I appreciate the break from packing and enjoying my kids even if it's only for 20 or 30 minutes at a time. Of course, at the end we usually call on PBS and Discovery Channel quite a bit too. Right now I told them we'd stop and run to a few places at 3:00...which is just about now.

So, I'm off to make good on my promise.


  1. when I talked to Jacob this week he said, 'I'm doing GREAT because I only have ONE DAY OF SCHOOL!" He was so excited, and seemed like he couldn't wait to get in the new place. I'm excited for you guys

  2. Ha! See, how sneaky I am. He actually is having 3.5 days of school. One yesterday, one today, Friday School and then we're hitting OMSI tomorrow afternoon for a breather from everything. They are excited though. And I'm excited to use your drapes in our new place. :-)


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