Friday, April 4

Just Being Real

It's nice to know that you guys care.

I'm okay. Seriously, I am. Yesterday morning I was just dealing with a lost opportunity. Every one is still alive! We are okay and today is brighter for me. Thanks for asking.

So many people may think this homeschooling thing is easy for those of us who do it. My purpose yesterday was not to sound an alarm, but to give you some insight into how we have to plow through regardless of our circumstances, and regardless of our moods. There is a goal...educate and love on these kiddos. And every parent can attest that there are times when you'd rather just shake them off and deal with what's going on inside in solitude.

A friend of mine said today that "this homeschooling journey is exciting and a blessing but it's not easy." We often assume (myself included) that the homeschoolers around us are having a bad time solely because of their children or their decision to homeschool. But there are soooo many other things that make the journey hard other than our kids. All families struggle with finances, job changes, moves, decisions, relationships outside of home, extended family, health problems, neighbor conflicts, spiritual questioning, car problems, natural disasters, political concerns...shoot anything can affect our hearts on any given day. Some parents may be able to send their kids off to school and deal with the grieving that needs to happen. But when we keep them near us we must choose rather quickly whether to grieve publicly or privately.

Hopefully, if you're a homeschooler and you're reading this, you might have something to say about it. We often don't talk about the hard stuff publicly. But I'm inviting you to do so here -- you know, if you want. I've probably been there.

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