Friday, December 21

A Little End of The Unit Quiz for You

Answer it right, get a bean bag to toss. Earn one or two points depending on where it lands. Every two points gets a marble in the jar. Fill up the marble jar, earn a little something from the box of goodies. [That’s how we work around here].

4th Grade Questions:

  1. True or False: When a cell divides it creates a new cell with the exact same instructions.
  2. What is genetics? A) the study of heredity b) the study of plants c) the study of animals.
  3. What do all animal cells need to survive? A) hydrogen b) oxygen c) nitrogen
  4. When a sperm enters an egg it is called a) reproduction b) fertilization c) mitosis
  5. Fill in the blank: Some plants like ferns and mosses produce millions of tiny ______________ that are blown by the wind to plant themselves and grow.
  6. What letters designate the chromosomes that determine if a baby is a girl or a boy? A) q and r b) j and k c) x and y
  7. True or False: Gregor Mendel discovered that some genes (like eye and hair color) will be dominant.
  8. What does a cell use DNA for? A) fighting germs b) making food c) getting instructions
  9. Which of these is not connected? A) sepal and pistil b) anther and filament c) stigma and ovary
How’d you do?

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