Monday, December 10

Why Is This Only About Homeschooling?

1. Education is my passion. I've done my time in education acquiring a B.A. and an M.A. degree. I've supported my husband through 3 of his 4 degrees -- edited every paper of his including the 200 pg. dissertation. I want my kids to have the best education possible. I imagine that when the kids are off on their own, I'll even go back and do more schooling. Every year that I'm out of school I realize how much I'm no longer learning. And on one level it bugs me that life is changing and I don't have time to figure out an RSS feed because my kids need to know the parts of a cell. (Of course, I needed a refresher in that, but cells aren't going to change anytime soon.)

2. I tend to be a bit ADD myself I think. It could just be the effects of managing three small kids, but there are times that I can't remember what I was thinking from one second to the next because there's so much to deal with. So, a blog that isn't focused would be a total disservice. My goal is to break down stereotypes of what our life as a homeschooling family is like and to demonstrate that not all homeschoolers are the same.

3. I don't enjoy reading other people's blogs who say they are all about painting for instance and then they are suddenly telling me how to make peppermint brownies.

4. I journal as an emotional outlet, source for venting, keeping track of prayers and struggles and milestones. If you want to get inside my head, read my journals... but you'd have to kill me first as they are only open to the public once I'm turned back to dust.

5. I have no idea how to blog about the rest of life without talking about the people of life. And many times those people let me down, frustrate me or do things I don't understand. They don't need to know about that. I just need to get over it. I like to keep relationships. They are hard to replace.

Do I think about other stuff? Yep. Right now we are struggling with "what's next" for us, family drama, and financial pressures. Those won't be made public here. One of these days I'll get around to the "emergent" part of this blog, but I seriously have to think hard on that because I know I'll get blasted once I enter that stadium.

Of course, it might not be so bad because I think the five people that read this like me at least a little bit.


  1. Are you sure there are only five of us?

  2. Focus is good. : ) I think it helps with people's writing and keeps readers engaged.


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