Thursday, June 5


Almost there, al m o s t t h e r e.

Got up and took care of three things on his list and helped his brother out a bit as well. Managed to wade through more research for his mountain report and had fun drawing stick figure pictures to go along with all the ratings on the Beaufort Scale (wind speed).

Reminded me today that we haven't done marbles in a long time (at least two weeks) and so when all was said and done, we called it even and I let them get something out of the prize box.

Marbles are our way of inspiring cheerfulness and cooperation. They can earn about 12 a day doing their various school tasks. Once they fill their jar to a certain line, they get a prize. Simple. Yes, I realize it's a form of bribery, but I'm not concerned. It's a motivator and most of the time it works well. They work pretty hard for their prizes which are around $1 for me to purchase.

So, tomorrow there's a page here and there to finish up and a review of EVERYTHING from the past four weeks. And later on there's a party. Oh, yeah!

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