Wednesday, June 4


Got up and decided to get going on schoolwork because Dad said they could go to the store and buy the new Indiana Jones computer game when he finished. J has been saving his birthday money for this day. So, he completed handwriting, listened to B read aloud to him, and helped B with his maps book before I was even ready for them to begin. It's always nice to have a carrot to hold out for them.

Finished his maps book completely, added animals and a rock climber to his mountain model, recited a very long memory verse and drew a pretty good picture of a lichen.

  • We had a pretty good discussion on what makes a Jew a Jew and why Jesus was one... but we're not.
  • S decided to take an early nap and we got a LOT accomplished before lunchtime.
  • Almost lost today's work on J's report when the computer froze up... but we recovered it. Whew!
Tomorrow's Carrot: Gram and Grandpa are stopping by and if the boys are done with schoolwork they get to go with G&G on a little outing involving ice cream. Gotta get done by lunchtime, guys!

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