Monday, September 8

Bonus Points

We have a new system at home... time has to be earned and there is a whole list of ways they can earn it.

One way is to behave in the grocery store.

So after they whined and complained about going and one of them actually drug his feet into the store (not joking) they perked up a bit. But as we're bagging the groceries they begin to wrestle. Fortunately there was a bench for them to sit on and when I asked them to do so, they did.

The lady bagging groceries opposite me hadn't noticed the wrestling, but did notice the nice sitting and she said,

"They look like such well behaved boys. And you have three?"

"Thank you. Yes."


I tell them, "Compliments in the grocery store earn you instant media credits and you just got one."

As we leave J yells behind us, "THANK YOU, LADY!"

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