Sunday, September 21

Crash Landing

We just finished our first unit on flight.
  • It was fun doing experiments about the forces of flying (though many of them didn't work).
  • J had a ball editing together some footage to create our own Reading Rainbow episode on the topic (though our computer crashed and we had a hard time converting video files so they were usable).
  • We laughed because the only thing the boys remembered about Louis Bleriot was that his license plate number in the picture book was AD1901. (That's not the only thing, really, but it was the first thing they could tell me).
  • We read the entire biography of Orville Wright (except the last two paragraphs because we got distracted -- crazy!).
And with all the other bumps of life this week we really didn't get to do the great culminating activity I had hoped to do. But, like I said not too long ago, I'm trying to give them more freedom to choose the activity. So, though it seemed like we ended the unit with a crash landing, I think we learned something from it all.

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