Wednesday, November 19

Homeschooling is Post Modern?

The Rise of Homeschooling is a Post-modern phenomenon.
Postmoderns distrust institutions.
Postmodernity blurs the lines between everything - fact and fiction, on and offline, news and entertainment. = more holistic lifestyle. Living is learning.
Postmoderns often only process information that they can apply immediately. If my kids can't use this in their immediate futures, I stay away from it until it seems more prudent.
Postmoderns revisit their roots. Going back before the days of government schools when young people (okay, boys) were mentored in a trade, given adult responsibilities at twelve, marrying as teenagers (I'm actually not going there)
Postmoderns want spiritual values without constraints, if we preach the radical values of Christ, they will form their own boundaries.
Postmoderns don't want to reconstruct, they want to deconstruct.
Postmoderns live with chaos. Seriously, there isn't a homeschooler alive that can defy this one!
Postmoderns value authenticity, not doctrine or authority.
Postmoderns desire experience, participation, interaction and community.

there is the There is one particular educational "emergent" philosophy that has grabbed my attention lately.

Traditional methods of delivering education and training no longer provide the insight necessary to be effective within the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of today's highly technical environment.

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