Monday, November 10

Learning in the Fort

The boys have made forts on their bunks. They were able to get a certain amount of school work done in their forts today, which is fun.

Last night I had to put on a military persona and send them secret messages in order to get them to stop playing with the forts and get ready for bed. "Cease work on the fortress and make ready your men...don't forget to brush." "Retire to your quarters at 19:00" and so forth. We sent several notes back and forth (using their Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator names) in order to get the nightly task done. It worked.

Today, they've continued to play in that vein. A few minutes ago B came to me with a note.

B - "I've come from Clamp Noodle with an urgent message about one of our men."

I read the note and busted up.

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