Wednesday, October 7

4 on Our Own -- Day 1

When Chip goes away it's my habit to blog every day so that he can see what we're up to. You all just get to eavesdrop and comment so I don't go stir crazy. So here is where we stand so far:

S was diagnosed yesterday with the flu and an ear infection. The ear pain is what drove us to the dr. yesterday afternoon -- the flu will probably take care of itself. However, the rest of the world around me is sick and if they are not sick, they don't want to get sick. So, we are staying home and we're not inviting anyone over to play. He'll miss his last day of swim lessons as a result.

J&B finished school today in a pretty timely manner. We did light/shadow experiments, exponents, fractions, multiplication through sixes, created a newspaper cartoon feature, read about Kit Carson and the Cheyenne Indians in Colorado, learned more about the life of Albert Einstein, wrote problem statements and hypothesis statements for their science fair projects, looked up verses about shadows, read a few more pages in Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, studied different kinds of sentences, and studied the Sumerians.

Here is a shadow project B did using light sensitive paper, leaves and a pinecone:

Here is what they are doing right now using the living room furniture and blankets. B is eating the candy they earned for getting their work done yesterday and he's installed a "mailbox" in the front of the fort so that I can send him messages:

Here is the scariest picture of all. This is my oldest DS leaving on his bike to to get the Red Box movie for tonight. He has to ride across a large parking lot, cross one not-very-busy-street and go into McDonalds WITH MY CREDIT CARD. Fortunately, he made it home with Monsters vs. Aliens AND my card:
We're off to drop off J for Taekwon Do and return a host of overdue library books before we go back and get him. After dinner I'll bathe the troops, we'll watch the movie and they're off to snoozeland. Me too. Hopefully I'll be tired tonight.

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