Friday, October 9

4 on Our Own -- Day 2 & 3

We had a late start to the day yesterday but we managed to accomplish all the learning activities, rebuild the fort, clean up a little, fold some laundry, prepare their backpacks for their day of classes tomorrow, watch Monsters v. Aliens again and venture out in the snow flurries to get another movie.
We rented Soccer Dog this time and none of us recommends it.

S remained the same yesterday... hard coughing (he's noticeably skinnier today), feverish, lethargic and not hungry.

Last night he started off rocky: coughing, crying out, disoriented, peeing in his bed again, and just needing something from me every 20 minutes or so. He was miserable. And then around midnight he settled and we slept through until 5 a.m. I settled him again and he slept until I had to wake him at 8 to take the boys to class. So, it was a much better night last night. I don't know if it's because I added the humidifier to his room (moisture + white noise helps) or if his body is winning the war on the virus. At least his body had a respite from the coughing.

Today J&B are at their classes all day and S is parked on the couch in front of PBS. I think he'll be fine to just stay there all day. Poor guy.

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