Thursday, October 8

4 on Our Own -- Night 1

My poor little S had a horrible time last night. I think, I took five little 35 minute naps all night long between listening to him cough (and cough, and cough), getting him more Gatorade, more water, more medicine (alternating cough medicine and ibuprophin every few hours), changing his clothes because he'd peed out all that water, changing his bedsheets and pillow because he threw up from coughing, taking his temperature (highest was 102.6) holding him tight and rubbing his back. Oi.

And then around 5 a.m. he stopped coughing and is now sleeping soundly. I hope he sleeps all morning. Why do we only cough through the heart of the night?

Since I was awake, I did my own hour of Tae Bo this morning to get my adrenaline pumping because that's probably the only thing that will get me through today. That and caffeinated tea. O.K. That and caffeinated tea and the promise that we can do another Red Box movie again because Monsters v. Aliens was pretty good!

Other than school work (and that laundry) we have nothing else we have to do today. That's a good thing.

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