Friday, January 8

The First Week of 2010

  • a birthday brunch with friends.
  • the Museum of Contemporary Art and dinner with my man.
  • playing Life with the boys and their friend.
  • a very relaxed 3-day school week.
  • a frigid, cold Epiphany in which we could not go geocaching.
  • a dental insurance foul-up that might not end up in our favor.
  • a friend leaving our church.
  • the cancellation of Taekwon Do for the month.
  • an inch of snow.
  • exploring a new charter school for my oldest...
  • choosing to go to the gym class that kicks my bum the hardest.
  • a nap.
  • a second date with my man ...tonight.

There's good. There's bad. God is there in all of it.

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