Tuesday, January 26

Eight Things About B.

1. When he wants to be compassionate (which is fairly often) he will blow you away with his generosity.

2. He is a wonderful, wonderful big brother and yet is a reluctant little brother.

3. He is able to figure out life by reading all the clues.

4. He loves gum, likes to cook and has natural athletic skills.

5. He is either going to be a notable collector one day or a hoarder.

6. He will build great things one day.

7. He feels deeply and is the reporter of all injustice.

8. He makes me smile like no other.

Happy Birthday, B!


  1. Very sweet! That's great that he has the capacity for generosity, despite his hoarding tendencies. I have a hoarding 3-yr-old and it's still more important to him at this point than having compassion on others.

  2. "Notable collector." Hmmm. Got a ring to it.

    (from a reforming hoarder)

    Happy Belated Bday, B!


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