Friday, January 22

Homeschoolers for Haiti

Our local homeschool group is hosting a bake sale TODAY to raise money to send to Haiti via the American Red Cross.

It lasts until 2:00 (or until they are sold out)
at 14023 Denver West Parkway, Golden Co 80401.
Outside Service Magic, Inc.

There are many great things about this venture:
  • the parent company for Service Magic is going to match whatever we raise (which was $150 before the sale even began).
  • my kids wanted to help and we got to talk about the whole thing.
  • our cookies will turn into blankets and medical care and water and housing...
If you want to donate to our cause (and have your donation doubled) send me a Facebook message today!

****Update: As of 4:15 Denver time we have raised $2739.18 and that's before it gets matched! How cool is that!?

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