Sunday, November 11

The Bubble... part deux

So my oldest son, who is 8, was looking for something this weekend and when he couldn't find it he said, "D**n it!"
I looked at him -- stunned.
"What did you say?"
He REPEATED himself. Totally clueless that he was cursing, clueless as to what cursing even was.
"Um, that's not a word we should say. Where did you learn that word?"
He couldn't remember.
[yeah, right]
I finally got him to tell me... a Batman comic book.
Dang it.

There's more.

Today he was playing with the neighborhood boys.
[you think you know what's coming, but you don't!]
J calls their "meeting" to order.
He tells them, "These are bad words..." and he repeats the word that he was supposed to never utter again and then adds "stupid" and "Oh, my gosh!" And at that point they other boys don't take him seriously and start laughing.
End of discussion.
And they moved on to Old Business.

[Oh, why is MY kid the one teaching bad words to the neighborhood kids???]


  1. Towards the beginning of your time at evergreen, and after 2 weeks in a row where someone cussed in the middle of a sunday morning gathering, I apologized to Chip profusely that "church was the place your kids were learning to swear."


  2. I learned all my swear words on the school bus (alphabetically, too!), if it makes you feel better. At least Batman has only taught him one so far... but yeah. That first time is still shocking for a mama to hear :o

  3. I know he learned it from a book and not from hearing it because he pronounced the "n" at the end.

    How do you not giggle at that?


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