Friday, November 16

Yeah, for Root Words!

J and I have been exploring Latin roots this week. I think it's totally fun. I don't know if he's enjoying it quite so much, but he's catching on. This week it was "ped" which translates as foot. Yep, you can think of about a dozen words utilizing ped and having something to do with feet.

Now, I've just found my new favorite thing. I get to practice my skills AND feed the world. Yee Haw!

Check this out. I didn't know that I didn't know what "claptrap" or "equivocal" meant. Then again I totally guessed on "riposte" and got it right. And, to make my pastoral friends happy, I totally nailed "tithe."

Of course, you can always go to this site to do something similar. My young kids like this one. But their English-major-Mom likes doing something good for others and something good for me at the same time. Something totally cool about that.

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