Thursday, November 15

Why I'm Letting my Subscription Expire... The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

1. One issue included an article about the band and homeschool alumni, Barlow Girl. The next issue, they printed a letter that criticized their choice and Barlow Girl, not for their message but for their T-shirts in the picture. Rather than say, we printed it because there are homeschoolers out there who gain encouragement from seeing what homeschool alumni are doing for the Kingdom, instead they said something about being too busy to take note of the offending picture and actually claimed they didn't know it would be printed... yadda, yadda. Lots of back peddling and run-on sentences and really, no integrity. Huh? Aren't you the publisher?

2. They support the Pearls...who I won't link to because their philosophies repulse me that much.

3. The perspective keeps changing from grace to legalism and they can't decide what side of the fence they want to be on.

4. Scripture is taken out of context just too dang often.

5. The design is completely confusing. White space is non-existent, my eye can't rest anywhere and so it just adds to my anxiety when I read it.

6. The entire thing is so full of advertising. It's materialism at its most Christian.

I could go on.

If you know of another homeschooling magazine out there, let me know. I'm totally in the market for something with fresh methods, grace-filled perspective and less run-on sentences.

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