Tuesday, November 20


Okay, so today it's 11:45 and we haven't gotten half as far as we did yesterday. And, again, I can blame the baby.

His nap schedule is changing. He's been rapidly moving to one nap a day. For a good week or two he has been keeping his morning nap, but as of right now there is no nap in sight. B has finished much of his school for the day. J is close behind. Everyone is taking a break right now.

It's not all the baby's fault. Today J was totally into his very cool multiplication game that he spent 30 minutes on it mastering the 8 and 9 tables. And he was so enraptured by the book he's reading that he wanted to get through three chapters instead of one. Which is precisely the point of doing this at home. I'm glad he took advantage of that freedom to do more than what's expected and to follow his passions.

So, today we're going to have to finish after lunch and it is okay.

In between baking pies, making rolls, figuring out some good dessert a diabetic can eat and packing for an overnighter...somehow, we'll get it all finished. And it will turn out just fine.

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